First, a little housekeeping…

Before we go on it would be good to address some general issues. I am looking forward to engaging with you. To avoid debates or mistaken expectations, let me clarify the following.


I intend to post here regularly. The frequency will depend on whether I am inspired (have a topic I want to write about), and whether I can find the time. When I post a new blog I will post it on Facebook and Twitter.


I am keeping the comments open and welcome your replies. I will seek to interact with the responses, but do not promise I can always do so.

You are welcome to respond. You may agree or disagree with me as you wish. Please know however this is my blog, and I will moderate as I see fit. Your comments may be removed and/or you may be blocked if I think that is better. This may happen for instance if I see your response as hostile or offensive.


The text and images on this blog are all protected by copyright. You may link to them, but you may not copy or use them.

This post will be edited as necessary.

Ps. Thanks to Sam Harris of the ‘Making Sense’ podcast for the title of this blog.

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