The ruins of my faith

I took this picture last week. I saw the scene in a flash as I was driving to a photography assignment. This small, church-building like shack was being torn down. Filled to the rim with garbage, in total derelict state, with a bulldozer standing by to bring on […]

My process out of faith

How does one ‘loose his (or her) faith? I did not one day wake up and say to myself: from now on I do not believe in Jesus anymore. As I have argued in my last blogpost my deconversion was a long and difficult process. It took about […]

What has happened?

This blog has been dormant for almost seven years. I last blogged on October 8, 2012. I am really not sure why I stopped blogging. As I read back over the last entries in the blog I can see changes were already taking place. One could argue I […]

The Journey continues

I have decided to start blogging again. I have things to say, questions to ask, and conversations I want to have. We live in a complicated world, and I know my opinions do not necessarily make a difference. But I have come to realize that my hesitancy to […]