Christian sexual ethics: a perfect demonstration of Einstein’s definition of insanity

Today my Facebook timeline is full of outrage and disappointment. My Christian friends are responding in dismay to the news that the founder of l’Arche, the late Jean Vanier, sexually abused 6 woman. L’Arche is an international Catholic network of homes and communities for mentally handicapped people. It […]

My story in dance

Every now and then I photograph a ballet dancer. A few weeks ago a dancer came to my studio for such a shoot. We had no plan. But what I sometimes do is give a dancer a theme and ask him or her to ‘dance it out’. This […]

My meeting with the Apostle Paul

The phone call I had been hoping for finally came on a Thursday afternoon. It was my friend the professor. “Get everything ready,” he said. “It’s going to be Saturday evening. The museum closes at five. We need a couple of hours to set up. Then the extraction […]

Waiting for the end of the ages

So a man walks into a bar. No, this is not the start of a joke. This story is happening as we speak in my country, the Netherlands. He is disheveled, dirty, and very confused. He is a bout 25 years old. A few days later he comes […]

“What if we’re just people?”

Christians love conversion testimonies (stories about how people become christian). I am finding I enjoy stories about deconversion: stories about how people start questioning their faith and finally walk away from faith. Christianity, and particularly evangelicalism, is a very strong faith system. It has narrative power, social power, […]

The ruins of my faith

I took this picture last week. I saw the scene in a flash as I was driving to a photography assignment. This small, church-building like shack was being torn down. Filled to the rim with garbage, in total derelict state, with a bulldozer standing by to bring on […]

My process out of faith

How does one ‘loose his (or her) faith? I did not one day wake up and say to myself: from now on I do not believe in Jesus anymore. As I have argued in my last blogpost my deconversion was a long and difficult process. It took about […]

What has happened?

This blog has been dormant for almost seven years. I last blogged on October 8, 2012. I am really not sure why I stopped blogging. As I read back over the last entries in the blog I can see changes were already taking place. One could argue I […]

First, a little housekeeping…

Before we go on it would be good to address some general issues. I am looking forward to engaging with you. To avoid debates or mistaken expectations, let me clarify the following. Frequency I intend to post here regularly. The frequency will depend on whether I am inspired […]

The Journey continues

I have decided to start blogging again. I have things to say, questions to ask, and conversations I want to have. We live in a complicated world, and I know my opinions do not necessarily make a difference. But I have come to realize that my hesitancy to […]